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PH 2-wire Transmitter MODEL 873
( Field mount type )
Head mounted transmitter
( Din rail type )
( Head Mount, LCD display )
( Din rail type, LED display )
PH 2-wire Transmitter MODEL 873


Pantech Instrument’s 2-wire Transmitters, Model 873, are designed to provide 4-20 mA DC signal on the same two wires which carry the 24 V DC power for measurement of pH. The transmitter is an ideal choice for on line pH measurement using any industry standard combined gas electrode. It provides a current output signal capable of driving load upto 650 ohms. This allows pH measurement at a distant place from the control room all the time.
The temperature compensation is built in and the process temperature is measured by RTD. The compensation is provided over the complete range of 0-100 deg. C. The instrument can be calibrated throughout the range of 0-14 pH with a minimum span of 2 pH. The transmitter is available in field mounted housings with or without local digital display. The local 3.5 digit loop powered LCD display reduces the load capability  of the transmitter to around 500 ohms. The transmitter is available in weatherproof or explosion proof housing. The modules incorporate low drift operational amplifiers and industrial grade components. Burn in of each module ensures a long trouble free operation.
Model 871 features :-

Combined gas electrode

Input span

Minimum 2 pH



RTD, 0-100 deg. C


Analog Output

4 20mA DC on 2-wire display


Analog output load capability

650 ohms maximum
500 ohms, with digital display


Output accuracy

+/- 0.15% of spa

Power supply

24 V DC ( 22.5 to 28 ) V DC

in two wire loop

  Power consumption

0.5 VA max.

Ambient temperature

0 – 50° C.


Storage temperature

0 – 70° C.



90% RH (non-condensing)


Weatherproof, Flameproof and all other standard types



Head / Panel / Wall / Field / Dinrail / Eurocard


Standard / Optimum


Ordering Information
Please confirm the availability of the model by cross checking the table mentioned on the backside.

Basic Model No. (Specified by first 3 digits)

873 - pH 2-wire Transmitter


Enclosure / Mounting ( letter following 3 digits)

P - Weatherproof - Panel

W - Weatherproof - Wall

F - Flameproof - Wall / field

I - IP65 grade – wall / field

C - Raw PCB card type only

E - Weatherproof - Eurocard

S - Specials

H - Head mounted ( as per DIN standards )


Display (Specified by the next digit / letter)

1 - 3.5 digit LCD - YES

0 - No


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