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Predefined Input-885
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  • Rugged & Time Proven Designs
  • Microprocessor based & Fully Configurable
  • Avails all standard features
  • Various Sizes / Window nos. / Enclosures supported
ALARM ANNUNCIATOR Microprocessor based MODEL 885



Pantech's Alarm Annunciator, series 885, is an ideal instrument for indicating field fault conditions in the control room.


It is designed to sense NO/NC potential free contacts for all the channels in a simultaneous mode. The high end microprocessor chips assures the response time in microseconds while sensing all the channels in round robin fashion. The audio and visual output is provided in the unit for alerting plant personnel when fault condition occurs. Controlling keys ACKNOWLEDGE, RESET and TEST are provided on the front of the instrument. For remote controlling of the unit, same keys can be provided on the back plate. Pattern of rows and columns change with change in total channels.


Features of Model 885 :

  1. Response time is very fast. Pertaining to high end microprocessor chipsets on board.

  2. First fault feature availed.

  3. Features like Manual/Auto reset, Ring back, First UP are provided as optional.

  4. Any no. of channels / windows possible ( for more then 36 nos. check with factory ends )

  5. Enclosure / Mountings / Dimensions etc can be customised as per the user requirements.

  6. Weatherproof, Flame proof, IP65 grade – all type of enclosures available.

Prerequisite from the user

  1. Exact no. of windows and if possible window size.

  2. No. of rows and columns required by user.

  3. Dimensions of the instrument required.

  4. Input type – NO or NC.


The modules incorporate low drift operational amplifiers and industrial grade components. Burn in of each module ensures a long trouble free operation.


NO/NC potential free contacts.

1)Audio output (Buzzer, Hooter etc.) 2)Visual output (Front windows)

Output Alarm
1no potential free contact (For Buzzer)

Contact ratings
5 Amp, 230 V AC

Display window size
Standard 70*45/30*30/others on front fascia.

LED display

Front controls
Acknowledge, Reset and Test switches.

Input type selection
Internal through jumper selection.


Power supply
230 V AC 110 V AC 24 V DC (22.5 to 28.0 V DC) Specials

  Power consumption
Depends on no. of windows 6 VA max. for 4 nos. of windows

Ambient temperature
0 – 50 °C.

Storage temperature
0 – 70 °C.

90% RH (non-condensing)

Weatherproof, Flameproof and all other standard types

Panel / Wall / Field / Specials

Depends on User requirements

**special features on factory confirmations only.
Ordering Information

Please confirm the availability of the model by cross checking the table mentioned on the backside.


Basic Model No. (Specified by first 3 digits)
885 - Alarm Annunciator

Mounting (Specified by letter following 3 digits)
P - Weatherproof - Panel
W - Weatherproof - Wall
F - Flameproof - Wall / field
I - IP65 grade � wall / field
S - Specials

Input (Specified by first digit following the letter)
1 - Normally open contact
2 - Normally closed contact
  Power (Specified by the next digit / letter)
1 - 24 V DC
2 - 110 V AC
3 - 230 V AC
S - Specials

Output (Specified by the next digit / letter)
1 - Inbuilt buzzer
2 - 1NO + 1 NC contact.

No. of Windows option (Specified by the next digit / letter)
XY - 01 / 02 … 36 / or more i.e no. of windows

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