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Loop Powered Indciator � LCD - 808LCD
( PCB format, 4 digit )
( PCB format, 4.5 digit )
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  • Rugged and Time Proven Designs
  • UP based and fully configurable
  • Least Voltage drop of range of 1.8 V DC
  • 4 / 4.5 digit resolution available
  • Various sizes / Mountings / Enclosures

( Microprocessor based configurable type )



Pantech’s Loop Powered Indicator, model 808LCD, is an ideal instrument for providing indication in the field where power supply is not available. The instrument derives power from the loop, i.e. 24 V DC fed to the two wire transmitter or from the 4 – 20mA DC signal fed to the load. The hence obtained PROCESS VALUE is displayed on a seven segmented LCD structure to the resolution of 4 or 4.5 digits. The user can configure to select the display range as per the input linear signal by front four keys. Possible display ranges with different display resolutions are mentioned below. Note that all the possible configurations etc. are possible by front four keys only. The instrument can be given in PCB format or in a weatherproof / Flame proof enclosure. The versatile and least possible PCB dimensions allows it to be fitted in any type of enclosure or instrument with any type of mountings.

Low drift precession components are used for long term accuracy of the instruments. All instruments undergo a burn-in for better reliability.

Model 808LCD at a glance :

  1. Shows process value as per the input signal of 4-20 mA DC.

  2. Doesn’t require external power supply. Derives the required power from 2-wire 4-20 mA DC loop.

  3. User is allowed to select the display ranges as per display digit resolutions.

  4. Least possible voltage drops.

  5. Convenient for OUTDOOR applications.


Current, 4 – 20 mA DC



4 digit ( -1999 to 9999 )

4.5 digit ( -19999 to 5999 )

* Range / Decimal point configurable


Display size



Display range

Configurable by front keys


Display accuracy

+/- 0.1% of span


Power supply

24 V DC(22.5 to 28.0V) in two wire loop


Voltage drop

Minimum to Maximum is 3-3.2 V DC

  Ambient temperature

0 – 55° C.


Storage temperature

0 – 70° C.



5-95% RH (non-condensing)



Weatherproof, Flameproof and all other standard types



Panel / Wall / Field / Dinrail / Eurocard



Standard and Specials

Ordering Information ( 12 digits )
Please confirm the availability of the model by cross checking the table mentioned on the backside.

Basic Model No. (Specified by first 3 digits)

808LCD - Loop Powered Indicator

LCD type display


Enclosure / Mounting ( letter following 3 digits)

P - Weatherproof/ Panel, wall

F - Flameproof / field, wall

X - PCB card only

S - Specials / Others



Display Options ( Specified by the next digit / letter )

4 - 4 digit red LED

5 - 4.5 digit red LED


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Akota – Padra Road,

Nr. R. C. Patel Ind. Estate,

Vadodara – 390 020.

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