Manufacturers of Process
Control Instruments
We are an eminent Manufacturer and exporters of Process Control Instruments. Our Quality Instrumentation Products have already remained TIME PROVEN.
About Us
The company, the brand "PANTECH" was initiated by our legendary genius founder : Mr. P. H. Pandya ( Ex R&D Head - Taylor Instruments Ltd. now as ABB Inst. Ltd. ), way back in 1989s. Since then, the company has come a long way, grown multifolds, and has remained one of the pioneering name in the field of PROCESS CONTROL INSTRUMENTS. With the help of the strong technical base given by the founders, the company has grown immense in all the areas - Design, Quality, Manufacturing & Services. The instruments manufactured here, are supposed to be most rugged in terms of design, durability and persistence. These all qualities only allowed us to grow our regular clientele to 3000+, in last 30+ years.
There is only one word for the quality of our Instruments - THEY HAVE REMAINED TIME PROVEN. In here, only the word "QUALITY" matters. While Maintaining on our strong analogue circuit designs, We have remained enough quick and innovative in implementing the microprocessor abilities to all our instruments. And it is hence, We have developed more then 40+ unique products in the field. And All of these, being TIME PROVEN by now. Yes, We are a value driven company, driven by ethics and industrial standards.
Indicators & Controllers
Model ID Name Spec. Sheet Operating
801 Predefined I/P Indicators & Controllers   
802 Universal & Configurable Indicators / Controllers   
803 JUMBO size Indicators & Controllers.   
805 5 Digit Indicators & Controllers   
806 6 DIGIT Precision Indiactors   
807 DUAL / Multichannel -Indicators & Controllers / BARGRAPHS   
808LCD Loop Powered Indciator – LCD Display   
808LED Loop Powered Indicator – LED Display   
821 Signal Isolators & Convertors – Predefined Inputs   
821U Universal Input Signal Isolators & Convertors   
831 Multi-Channel Isolators ( fixed inputs )   
831U Multi-channel Isolators – Universal Inputs   
834 Logic Computation Module ( Hi / Lo / Avg. / Sp. )   
836 Sqaure Root Extractors   
838 Equation Computation Module   
839 Linearization Module -   
845V Flow Indicators & Totalizers – Predefined inputs   
845U Flow Indicators & Totalizers – Universal inputs   
846V Dual Channel Flow Indicators & Totalizers – Predefined Inputs   
846U Dual Channel Flow Indicators & Totalizers – Universal Inputs -   
855 Batch Controllers   
845S Steam Flow Meters   
845N Natural Gas Flow Meters – AGA3 based   
845G Flow meters of Standard Gases   
845T Thermal Dispersion type Flow Metering system   
857 RPM / Speed Indicators & Controllers   
858 Frequency to Current Convertor / Isolator   
862 Timers   
871 RTD Two Wire Transmitters   
872 Universal Two Wire Transmitters   
874 Conductivity 2-Wire Transmitter   
875 Pressure 2-Wire Transmitters -   
876 Digital Pressure Gauge   
A881/881 Auto Manual Stations   
882/882U Manual Loaders   
883 Valve Positioners   
885 Alarm Annunciators   
890 SCANNER